Think Solutions Referral Program- Powered by Lenovo-  Terms & Conditions. (1/11/21- 17-12/21)

1. Think Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 23 058 135 405) (ACN: 131 988 047), is running a referral program.

2. The program will run from  01/11/2021 9:00am AEDT to 17/12/2021 11:59 PM AEDT.

3.  The promotion is only valid for current and previously transacting customers.

4. To to be eligible for the promotion, participants must refer Think Solutions services and offerings to 1 or more companies.

5. The company being referred  must not be an existing customer of Think Solutions Pty ltd.

6. If Think Solutions can secure an introductory meeting with a net new customer, around the companies IT infrastructure, the referring individual will receive a Nespresso Delonghi Citiz solo capsule machine ($RRP 199.99).

7. If the referring party secures an additional meeting (for Think Solutions) with a separate organisation, they will receive a  Nespresso Delonghi Citiz milk frother (RRP $100.00 AUD).

8. For every additional meeting secured for Think Solutions with a separate entity, the referring party will receive 50 bonus coffee pods.

9. This offer is only available to the first 10 customers who complete the first stage, refer to point 6. in the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

10. Meetings will not be deemed valid if the party participating is attending for the sole purpose of earning the item/s for the referring entity/ individual.

11. The individual/s  that Think Solutions are being referred to, must have the authority to make information technology (IT) hardware, software and infrastructure decisions/ purchases on behalf of the the organisation they represent.

12. This program is only open to Think Solutions customers who have its headquarters within Australia.

13. All referrals must be given and meetings conducted with a Think Solutions Business Development Executive (BDE) or Project Engineer prior to the end of the promotion by  17/12/2021.

14.  When  receiving any of the items, there may be fringe benefit tax implications associated, ensure you find out if this is the case.

15. The meeting must be conducted with a Think Solutions BDE (Business Development Executive), Project team member, or an approved Think Solutions Representative.

16. A Think Solutions Representative is defined as a person/s that is employed by Think Solutions Pty Ltd.

17. The competition is only for Think Solutions customers, prospects and affiliates, internal employees of Think Solutions are not eligible for any of the prizes.

18  Upon winning one of the prizes, a Think Solutions representative will require the delivery details for the prize.

19. It is the responsibility of the recipient to provide the correct delivery details and rewards won’t be replaced if wrong details are provided.

20.  No government entity is eligible to win the prizes, ensure you are aware of your eligibility when participating in the competition.

21. In the case that a successful recipient cannot accept the reward due to their role or industry, they may allocate it to another party, or allow Think Solutions to allocate it to another entity on their behalf.

22. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash.

23. In the event that the rewards are unavailable, a reward that is similar in nature and either equal to or higher in value than the original.

24. By participating in the contest, you are deemed to have understood and accepted all the rules and terms associated with this contest.

25. Think Solutions reserves the right to alter, switch or change the gifts and amend the rules and terms without prior notice.

26. Think Solutions reserves the right to extend this promotion.

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